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"large enough to compete, small enough to care"


Unique Batteries & Solar offer a range of high performance low maintenance & maintenance free batteries to ensure that we have the right battery, for the right job at the right price.


Over 75 years since its inception, Marshall Batteries and Marshall Matt still have a very high level of awareness as the best known, and most widely recognised retail battery brand in Australia and New Zealand. Many people still vividly recall the television commercials that appeared more than 20 years ago and instinctively “Holler for a Marshall” but times have changed and we now need to be able to service vehicles with increasingly sophisticated automotive electrical systems.

A substantial investment has been made to strengthen our position at the forefront of roadside battery and store servicing and to reinforce the reputation we’ve established, which is based on the winning combination of expert service and great value.

Our new enhanced network features van technicians and retail battery stores covering major capital cities, as well as regional dealers that service our outer areas-supported by the very latest systems technology, state of art equipment, advanced battery training and national customer centre.

We are committed to providing the very highest levels of efficient professional service to our customers; testing batteries and electrical systems, roadside battery replacement, delivery, fitment and other roadside assistance related services. You can now order a Marshall Battery anywhere anytime from the comfort of your own home. Simply order using our online ordering system and we will come to you or visit our store locator!

Marshall Batteries for Fleet Providers

Marshall Batteries is proud of our associations with some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest private and commercial fleets.  We provide battery serving and replacement to many leading fleet providers such as Leaseplan, GE Custom Fleet, Orix, National Truck Insurance, Motorpass, Motorcharge, Caltex, NLC, Smart Leasing, Telstra Fleet and many more.



Our Neuton Power Range is definitely the ‘quiet achiever’. Neuton Power Batteries just get on & get the job day in & day out, without fuss or fanfare. This discreet premium range of batteries is produced by one of the most integrated modern enterprise battery manufacturer’s in the world, Camel. The Camel Group Co specialises in advanced battery research & development for many major international companies. Camel produces over 400 different types, style & chemistry of batteries which are distributed around the globe with a large portion of Camels battery manufacturing being OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for many highly recognisable automotive marques in different regions around the world.

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Power Sonic Batteries Corporation has more than 40 years experience in the battery industry. Working from their Head Office in San Diego California & subsidiary companies in the UK, Europe, Singapore & South America Power Sonics corporate focus has always been to design, manufacture & market premium batteries for an international market. Power Sonic batteries are now sold across 70 countries for a range of applications.