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4WD Batteries





Power Sonic Batteries Corporation has more than 40 years experience in the battery industry. Working from their Head Office in San Diego California & subsidiary companies in the UK, Europe, Singapore & South America Power Sonics corporate focus has always been to design, manufacture & market premium batteries for an international market. Power Sonic batteries are now sold across 70 countries for a range of applications.


Extreme temperatures, uneven roads and power-hungry accessories can make the demands of your off-road 4WD or SUV adventures and greater than the standard battery can handle. Marshall’s got you covered with our range of reliable, powerful batteries built to withstand every extreme of the Australian climate.Off-road vehicles are often exposed to frequent vibration and impacts, and if you’re taking your 4×4 camping, there’s a chance you’re tapping into the battery power for refrigeration, lights, entertainment & more. This means you need a battery with robust internal components, minimal maintenance needs and impressive reserve capacity.

Cold cranking amps are of course also vital for your 4×4, providing pure grunt and starting power no matter the conditions or engine size. On icy winter mornings, in the heat of the Australian outback, or in the roughest of off-road conditions, our 4WD batteries are designed to overcome the rigors of the Australian landscape and deliver power through and through.

In addition, our deep cycle battery range is your ultimate on-the-go battery for camping and 4WD Battery accessories, providing long-lasting continuous charge over years of recharging and service. Whether you’re on land or sea, our deep cycle batteries go the extra mile to power your electric fridge, screens, lights and communication equipment.



Deka Intimidator Series
The Deka Intimidator series is a premium maintenance free starting & cyclic battery. Manufactured with enhanced anti vibration characteristics the Deka range is one tough battery that will take the rigorous pounding that batteries are often subjected too by the adventurous 4WD enthusiast.