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4WD Batteries


For more arduous applications AC Delco produce a special range of batteries ideal for the ‘off roader’ whether your negotiating rough terrain out bush or hopping gutters at the shopping centre.

AC Delco’s HCM range is ideal product for either powering your 4WD or you fridge sitting in the back.

Some of the many features include;

Polypropylene case – Reinforced design is precisely tailored to support the battery elements to withstand road shock and vibration. This strong durable material combines light weight with high impact strength

Flame arrester – Safety system, prevents explosion from sparks outside the battery, minimises acid leakage, prevents inflow of dust

Low resistance envelope separators – Encapsulated negative plates help to prevent shorting / treeing between negative and positive plates as well as aid vibration durability AC Delco also produce a range of AGM & EFB Batteries which feature new technologies to meet the ever increasing demands of the modern vehicle. With the ability to handle a greater depth of discharge both the AGM & EFB range are an ideal choice for high demand applications such as off road vehicles.


Wherever reliability is a prerequisite, industry turn to the dependable power of Crown Batteries.
That’s why you find Crown Batteries in heavy-duty equipment on- and off-highways, recreational marine and automotive applications all over the world. Throughout the transport industry throughout the global market Crown batteries are powering ahead.


Deka Intimidator Series
The Deka Intimidator series is a premium maintenance free starting & cyclic battery. Manufactured with enhanced anti vibration characteristics the Deka range is one tough battery that will take the rigorous pounding that batteries are often subjected too by the adventurous 4WD enthusiast.